Medical software.

Webs & Apps.

Websites including content management systems, web-platforms that provided clear in-depth analysis and documents, interactive maps for guidance, apps for navigation purposes.


Vaccination system.

The vaccination management system IVS consist of different modules which makes is ideally suited for vaccination clinics, doctor’s offices specialized in travel and tropical medicine as well as continuous  medical assistance provided by occupational doctors.


Clinical software.

Customized software solutions specialized on clinics and hospitals, stem cell-, thrombocyte- and HLA management, quality control for laboratories, neurosurgery, sleep laboratory, oncology documentation, ambulatory care catalogues and metabolism laboratory.


ethics committee administration tool and web platform
homepage of hygiene intitute
vaccination-management system

LKH-Klinikum Graz

stem cell-, thrombocyte-, and HLA management, neurosurgery
oncology documentation
sleep laboratory
metabolism laboratory


operations statisticsambulatory care catalogues
navigation on the clinical area


Institute for specific prophylaxis and tropical medicine vaccination-management system

Gov. Steiermark

department for health and care management vaccination-management system